River City




Gary and Robbie try to heal the growing rift in their relationship, and Pete refuses to heed AJ's warning that he is playing a dangerous game two-timing Caitlin and Scarlett. Elsewhere, the Murdochs pray that Lenny's memory loss is permanent.

Cast & Crew

Scarlett Mullen Sally Howitt
Amandeep Jandhu Sanjeev Kohli
Pete Galloway Andy Gray
Robbie Fraser Gary Lamont
Gary Trenton James Mackenzie
Suzie Fraser Juliet Cadzow
Bob Adams Stephen Purdon
Caitlin McLean Gayle Telfer Stevens
Drew McLean Benjamin Nugent
Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Amber Murdoch Jenny Hulse
DI Donald Robin Laing
Father Mulvaney Laurie Ventry
Jules Belmont Aisha Toussaint
Alex Murdoch Jordan Young
Annie Jandhu Dawn Steele
Frankie Roth Louise McMenemy
Director Lynsey Miller
Producer Martin McCardie
Writer DC Jackson
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Drama Soap