Still Open All Hours

Still Open All Hours

Series 3 - Episode 4



This sitcom’s recurring themes of sex-starved men, battleaxe women, double entendres and misunderstandings mean one episode can seem rather similar to another. But that’s not why our preview may seem familiar to you. A technical glitch by the BBC meant we wrote about tonight’s episode a week early.

However, we are assured that this really is the episode when Granville attempts to sell out-of-season Christmas puddings to the menfolk with the promise that they’re actually “alien Viagra”. It’s also the one with a nice comic moment that sees Granville fall off a ladder and have an unexpectedly soft landing.


Granville finds some outdated Christmas puddings and comes up with a clever plan to lure customers into buying them. Madge is convinced that her house is haunted and refuses to sleep in her own bedroom, but Gastric's hidden spiritual powers could help solve the mystery.

Cast & Crew

Granville David Jason
Leroy James Baxter
Madge Brigit Forsyth
Eric Johnny Vegas
Cyril Kulvinder Ghir
Gastric Tim Healy
Kath Taylor Sally Lindsay
Mrs Hussein Nina Wadia
Mavis Maggie Ollerenshaw
Mr Newbold Geoffrey Whitehead
Director Dewi Humphreys
Executive Producer David Jason
Executive Producer Gareth Edwards
Producer Alex Walsh-Taylor
Writer Roy Clarke
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