Remembrance - Part One

Series 20 - Episode 5 Remembrance - Part One



The Lyell Centre pathologists are used to members of the public bursting into the lab, demanding bodies/explanations. But one such distraught stranger actually calls at Nikki’s house wanting information about who might have killed her daughter.

“How did you find out where I live?” asks Nikki, in part one of a two-part story. It’s a fair question. The mum (Sarah Smart) approaches Nikki in her fortress of solitude because she read something sympathetic in the perpetually empathetic pathologist’s eyes in a very brief previous meeting. Crikey.

It’s another gloomy story, about a dead woman whose body is found floating face-down in the Thames in the opening scenes. The inept detective-of-the-week runs towards the wrong conclusion as she investigates two brothers with a childhood trauma.


Part one of two. The body of 20 year-old Lorna Katz is discovered drifting in the River Lea, with evidence suggesting she was tied up somewhere before she floated downstream. However, the death takes on an ever-more sinister significance when the team discovers that Lorna was the best friend of Ruth Tresize, a teenager who disappeared three years previously, with the missing girl's mother Ali becoming fixated on Nikki for information, convinced that the two incidents are connected.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Dr Thomas Chamberlain Richard Lintern
Jack Hodgson David Caves
Clarissa Mullery Liz Carr
DS Carl Pope Nav Sidhu
DI Heather Ashton Eva Pope
Ali Tresize Sarah Smart
Jean Mufrida Hayes
Kieran Vale Lewis Griffin
Shaun Cohen Bartley Burke
Chris Tresize Jo Stone-Fewings
Ruth Tresize Kate McLaughlin
Aaron Logan Harris Dickinson
Ben Logan Morgan Watkins
Natasha Hill Saria Steel
Young Aaron Logan Tom Carter
Sarah Logan Claire Rafferty
Zoe Melissa James
Young Ben Logan Edward Richards
Stella Tuffour Rhoda Ofori-Attah
Director David Richards
Executive Producer Anne Pivcevic
Producer Ceri Meyrick
Writer Graham Mitchell
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