The World's Most Extraordinary Homes


Series 1 - Episode 2 Forest



By heck, this is a lovely job for Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin. This time they start in Madrid, moving on to the US and New Zealand, looking at sumptuous houses in forests.

They are effectively big glass boxes – glass walls, ceilings, the lot. Have the owners never watched horror movies? Don’t they fear being spied on by The Cabin in the Woods or The Hills Have Eyes mutants?

It’s Quentin’s job to shriek with joy and talk to the owners, while Taylor, the quiet, reflective architect, talks about the serious, architect-y bits. In the Catskill Mountains in New York State they marvel at a Bond villain lair, then fail to find a power point or kettle for a cuppa.


Architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin explore unusual homes built in or near areas of forest. After trips to properties near Madrid and the Catskill Mountains in New York State, they arrive in Piha, New Zealand, to a house built within an indigenous forest of pohutukawa trees. Navigating very strict environmental laws, this wooden-cladded and glass-roofed property mimics the branches of the surrounding trees, while its huge sliding glass walls open up to allow the surrounding forest to become an intrinsic part of the house itself.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Caroline Quentin
Presenter Piers Taylor
Director Ed St Giles
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Executive Producer Louise Murray
Series Producer Anna Stickland
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