Series 14 - Episode 12 Noodles



The presence of former tabloid talk-show host Jerry Springer lends a slightly rowdier air to proceedings, with the entire audience taking time to chant his name (in time with his personalised buzzer) at the top of the episode.

“Can you tell we’re a bit excited that you’re here, Jerry?” host Sandi Toksvig quips. Jeremy Kyle can only dream of such adulation.

But things settle down soon enough, as the guests (Springer, along with comedians Matt Lucas and Cariad Lloyd) wrap their “Noodles” around Second World War parachute drops, fortune fish, glowing jellyfish slime and the easiest way of sacking thousands of people at once.


Guests Matt Lucas, Jerry Springer and Cariad Lloyd join regular panellist Alan Davies and host Sandi Toksvig to contemplate the theme `noodles'. As usual, correctness and even intelligence go out of the window in this quiz, in which the questions are so difficult points are awarded for the answers its questionmaster finds most interesting.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sandi Toksvig
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Matt Lucas
Panellist Cariad Lloyd
Panellist Jerry Springer
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer John Lloyd
Producer Piers Fletcher
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