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No Offence

Series 2 - Episode 2



“Earl Kennedy’s deader than Westlife,” announces DI Viv Deering, and that means gang warfare is sweeping the streets of Manchester. It makes for a frenetic, chaotic first half of this week’s episode. The beauty of No Offence is that it whips us along at such a pace, we skate over any minor cracks there might be in the plot.

By the time you’ve started thinking, “Hang on, wouldn’t they…?” we’ve cracked on to another riot or interrogation or shouting match. But there’s still time for plenty of Viv’s acetic one-liners: entering the ladies’ loo to find underlings Joy and Dinah having a heart-to-heart, she greets them with, “What’s this – bad hair day support group?”


Joy is thrown into a freefall after making a shocking discovery and, as the team quell the riots that have exploded throughout Manchester, Dinah uncovers a group of young casualties in a gang-owned property which send the investigation into an unexpected direction.

Cast & Crew

DC Dinah Kowalska Elaine Cassidy
DI Vivienne Deering Joanna Scanlan
DS Joy Freers Alexandra Roach
DC Spike Tanner Will Mellor
Randolph Miller Paul Ritter
DSI Christine Lickberg Sarah Solemani
PC Jonah Mitchell Ste Johnson
PC Stuart O'Connell Tom Varey
PC Taz Ahmed Neet Mohan
PC Tegan Thompson Saira Choudhry
Nora Attah Rakie Ayola
Manni Attah Zachary Momoh
Gavin Conor MacNeill
Sgt Ewan Murray Felix Scott
Sgt Keith Pankani Chook Sibtain
Kim Garvey Zak Sutcliffe
Calvin Kilmartin Aidan Kelly
Charlie Fegan Alice Feetham
Mad Matt Neil Bell
Jason Fowley Dave Hart
Kerry Fowley Gemma Paige North
Hayley Erin Foley
Jacky Kennedy Keith Dunphy
Aidan Mcgee Jody Latham
Director Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer Martin Carr
Executive Producer Paul Abbott
Producer Simon Meyers
Writer Paul Tomalin
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Comedy Drama