Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

Series 1 - Episode 1



How is it possible that there are still places on this planet that most of us don’t know anything about? The islands of Restoration, Lord Howe and Norfolk, for instance. The affable Martin Clunes is on an 8,000-mile “odyssey” around Australia visiting these tiny specks of land and generally having a jolly good laugh with the locals while lapping up their unique customs and history.

He throws himself into everything with gusto. He attempts to climb a kentia palm tree with “all the majesty and agility of an old hippo”, while his West Indian-style reading of a nursery rhyme in the old English language of Norfolk Island makes everyone giggle uncontrollably. We won’t mention his bass guitar playing: Torres Strait Islands’ most famous singer – 87-year-old Seaman Dan – would have been horrified if he’d heard him.

His most impressive encounter is with Dave, the only inhabitant of Restoration Island – well, apart from the poisonous spiders, crocodiles, scorpions and a lovely dingo that the dog-loving Clunes gets very soppy over.


With more than 8,000 islands to choose from, Martin Clunes visits 16 which provide an insight into the diversity, history and challenges of island life in Australia. His first stop is Lord Howe Island, where the pace of life is slow and the population is a steady 350. He also visits Norfolk Island, Australia's most easterly territory, and the remotest island on Martin's journey.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Martin Clunes
Director Ian Leese
Executive Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Executive Producer Bill Jones
Executive Producer Ed Punchard
Executive Producer Julia Redwood
Series Producer Ian Leese
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