Series 1 - Episode 2



The shocking climax to episode one has left a right old mess. The chef’s wife Sam (Emilia Fox) had just found about his affair with his ex, Gina (Dawn French – among whose attractions is her incredible cooking – and there are one or two additional unwelcome surprises for the foodie folk down in sun-dappled Cornwall.

This episode is another visual feast, but it’s the sure-footed storytelling by Dan Sefton (of Mr Selfridge) and strong central performances that have got me hooked. There’s also a touching subplot involving an older couple on an anniversary trip, where once again not everything is quite as it seems.


Emotions run high as friends and family members gather for the funeral and one or two relationships take a new turn, not least that of Michael and Teresa. Gina is given the chance to show off her culinary prowess, while the will reveals a few surprises.

Cast & Crew

Michael Vincent Ruairi O’Connor
Teresa Benelli Tanya Reynolds