The World's Most Extraordinary Homes


Series 1 - Episode 1 Mountain



At first glance, architect Piers Taylor (of The House That £100k Built) and “acclaimed actress and passionate property developer” Caroline Quentin are an odd presenter pairing. But they kind of work.

Taylor is serious, without being dour, and a bit professionally ascetic, whereas Quentin is loud, a shrieker, and gushing. The happy pair embark on a thrilling series of trips to visit some gaspingly beautiful homes.

These aren’t simply Grand Designs, these are Grander Designs – such as the house in the Santa Monica mountains of California made of bits of the wings and tailfin of a disused aircraft. It cost unspecified millions to build and involved a helicopter bringing in the various parts.

In Arizona the pair stay in a remarkable house reached by a crazy series of steps that unnerve Quentin. Taylor is in raptures once they get inside: “God it’s nice, God it’s nice.”


Architect Piers Taylor and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin explore unusual homes built in mountainous regions. They begin in California, viewing a property built from the wings and tail fins of a Boeing 747. In Arizona, the pair stay in a modern house with an innovative take on an ancient technique of absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it at night. In New Zealand, Caroline and Piers view a house camouflaged using cedar cladding, while their last stop takes them to an hexagonal alpine chalet with a steel chimney core that anchors it to the mountain.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Caroline Quentin
Presenter Piers Taylor
Director Ed St Giles
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Executive Producer Louise Murray
Series Producer Anna Stickland
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