Maigret's Dead Man

Maigret's Dead Man

Series 1



A family is massacred at a farm in the Picardie countryside and the killers leave just one survivor, a little girl who’s found by police hiding in a wardrobe.

Meanwhile in Paris, a desperate man is being chased through the streets by a couple of thugs. Panting with fear, he calls police HQ and demands to speak to Maigret: “They are going to kill me!” He vanishes and is later thrown from a car, bloodily beaten and stabbed through the chest.

Naturally Maigret (Rowan Atkinson) is quietly, deeply disturbed and takes the murder personally, despite his chief’s insistence that the Picardie slaughter must take priority. It’s a dark mystery (based on the Georges Simenon novel) that doesn’t go anywhere in a hurry.

But Atkinson, all traces of his comedy persona completely expunged, is just right as this most thoughtful of fictional detectives.


Rowan Atkinson stars as the Parisian detective in the second in a run of adaptations of Georges Simenon's books. Maigret is distracted from a string of attacks on three wealthy farms by a series of anonymous phone calls from a man who claims a gang is trying to kill him. He and his trusty associates LaPointe and Janvier go in search of the caller, which leads them to the discovery of a body that has been dumped out of a car. Maigret is convinced the corpse is the man who phoned him - but his face has been mutilated, making it impossible to confirm his identity.

Cast & Crew

Chief Insp Jules Maigret Rowan Atkinson
Insp LaPointe Leo Staar
Insp Janvier Shaun Dingwall
Mme Maigret Lucy Cohu
Insp Colombani Ian Puleston-Davies
Albert Rochain Mark Hadfield
Judge Comeliau Aidan McArdle
Dr Paul Hugh Simon
Dr Moers Mark Heap
Maria Anamaria Marinca
Claire Fontaine Ann Queensberry
Dacourt John Light
Boxer Joe Tim Chipping
Nina Nathalie Armin
Nicole Dorrottya Hais
Pietr Ivan Fenyo
Victor Poliensky Denes Bernath
Francine Amber Anderson
Adele Gabi Fon
Hotel proprietor Michael Fitzgerald
Barman Grant Stimpson
Police telephonist Karen Gagnon
Reveller Peter Schueller
Detective Matt Devere
Post office clerk Russel Dean
Bookmaker Oengus Macnamara
Bargee Ross Waiton
Landlord Ralph Burkin
Midwife Livia Habermann
Interpreter Philip Benjamin
Nurse Katia Bokor
Director Jon East
Executive Producer Barnaby Thompson
Executive Producer John Simenon
Executive Producer Paul Aggett
Executive Producer Ben Latham-Jones
Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Writer Stewart Harcourt
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