Idris Elba: Fighter


Series 1 - Episode 2 Weakness



There are, I wager, two types of people watching Idris Elba's transformation from prowling Hollywood actor to professional kickboxer: those who find the assaults of modern life assuaged by the sight of a moist Elba in boxing gloves and little else; and those who are "well 'ard" and fancy giving it a go themselves. I – as you can imagine - am firmly in the latter camp...

In this second instalment, which takes itself a little too seriously, Elba’s juggling his training with filming in Cape Town, and is repeatedly knocked back by self-doubt. He also travels to Cuba to train with an Olympic coach, and attempts his first amateur fight back on home turf.


The actor tries to overcome weaknesses in his fighting form by training with legendary coach Steve Kalakoda, and makes preparations for his first-ever amateur fight.

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