All Over the Place: Asia

Rollercoasters, Great Walls And Tiger Festivals

Series 7 - Episode 1 Rollercoasters, Great Walls And Tiger Festivals



Ed Petrie and his CBBC mates go on an adventure to find the most unusual and amazing places in Asia. They try out their chopstick skills on yummy Japanese street food; enjoy a hair-raising ride on the world's fastest rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi; make a song and dance about the Great Wall of China; explore a museum full of superheroes in Thailand and become big cats in a Tiger Dancing Festival in India! Ed is joined on this bonkers road trip by Hacker and Dodge, Lauren Layfield, Cel Spellman, Iain Stirling, Inel Tomlinson and Naomi Wilkinson - there's stuff to do in Asia that is totally ace and it turns up All Over The Place!

Cast & Crew

Presenter Inel Tomlinson
Presenter Cel Spellman
Presenter Ed Petrie
Presenter Iain Stirling
Presenter Naomi Wilkinson
Presenter Lauren Layfield
Director Neil Allan
Director Emma Carroll
Director Alasdair Maclean
Director Ewan Torrance
Director Mark Young
Series Producer Maria Stewart
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