The Worst Witch

Series 1 - Episode 3



Mildred is so excited about starting the term at Cackle's Academy. Ethel Hallow is still smarting about Mildred ruining her entrance exam, and she's in no hurry to let it go. Maud is delighted to be made head of year, and gets to choose her cat first. Mildred's disappointed when no black cats are left and she's stuck with a tabby. What's worse, Tabby is petrified of flying and causes chaos in broomstick lessons. Miss Hardbroom tells Mildred she'll fail if she can't keep her cat on the broomstick. Maud offers to swap cats with Mildred but Mildred decides to heed HB's words and take responsibility. Ethel surprises everyone by saying she'll help, and she puts sardine juice on Mildred's broomstick. What this really does is make Tabby and Maud's cat, Midnight swap places. So Mildred passes the flying exam but Maud fails spectacularly. No one believes Mildred's pleas of innocence, and Mildred is expelled. Mildred is most upset by the thought Maud may think she had deceived her. But Maud does believe her and they realise Ethel put a potion in the sardines. There's only one way to test it though and the two girls try the switching potion - and turn into each other! The girls struggle to be believed until Tabby finds Ethel's notebook which contains the switching spell and gives it to Miss Cackle. Ethel is found out for switching the cats and Esmerelda puts her good name on the line to defend her little sister. Ethel is given a reprieve and Esmerelda warns Ethel to change her ways, knowing it's hard following in her footsteps. Mildred manages to find a way that she and Tabby can fly - with Tabby in a satchel!

Cast & Crew

Mildred Hubble Georgina Sherrington