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Little Darlings

Series 18 - Episode 128 Little Darlings

Wednesday 11:10am - 11:50am RTÉ One


The daily medical drama is back in business once more after its Christmas absence (no jokes about lengthy NHS waiting times please). Ayesha is excited to be moving in with Tyler although she’s worried his flat may be too small for them both. However, he has a big surprise for her. And in one of those not-everything-is-what-it-seems stories that Doctors does rather well, teacher Ms Noah (Caroline Guthrie) spots a large bruise on the leg of 13-year-old student Jasmine (Freya Hannan-Mills), and calls the police and social services to investigate.

When interviewed, Jasmine reveals to Rob that her mother, Paulette (Natasha Joseph), often hits her – usually in places that aren’t visible.

Rebecca Root guest-stars in Friday’s episode in a storyline about sexual harassment at the university.


Ayesha prepares to move in with Tyler, Rosie asks Heston for some sleeping tablets and Rob is called to a local school when a teacher discovers a student's suspicious bruise.

Cast & Crew

Dr Heston Carter Owen Brenman
Dr Jimmi Clay Adrian Lewis Morgan
Dr Emma Reid Dido Miles
Dr Sid Vere Ashley Rice
Ayesha Lee Laura Rollins
Karen Hollins Jan Pearson
Valerie Pitman Sarah Moyle
Rob Hollins Chris Walker
Tyler Green David Atkins
Bren Lee Andrea Gordon
Rosie Griffiths Natasha Cottriall
Paulette Wilson Natasha Joseph
Jasmine Wilson Freya Hannan-Mills
Ms Elaine Noah Caroline Guthrie
Director Nimer Rashed
Executive Producer Mike Hobson
Producer Peter Bullock
Writer Janice Okoh
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