David Blaine: Beyond Magic

David Blaine: Beyond Magic


Blaine is in fairly vanilla conjuring mode here, despite the title of a programme that uses big celebrities as stooges. Often filming inside his famous friends’ lovely houses, Blaine freaks out Margot Robbie with some cold reading, dumbfounds David Beckham by producing live animals in an unexpected way, and almost causes John Travolta’s facial expression to change with a genuinely impressive feat that combines sleight of hand with sword-swallowing. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is the victim of a card trick that removes the prospect of manual fiddling by placing Blaine hundreds of miles away on the other end of a video phone chat.

The big finale is Blaine catching a bullet in a steel cup wedged between his teeth, live on stage in Las Vegas. Before that, there are a lot of discussions and trips to the dentist to convince us it’s all for real.


The illusionist returns to perform more of his signature brand of street magic, sparking baffled reactions from stars including David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Drake, Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle, John Travolta, Patrick Stewart, Emma Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.