Muslims Like Us

Muslims Like Us

Series 1 - Episode 1



A two-part reality documentary from Love Productions – makers of both The Great British Bake Off and Benefits Street – that temporarily puts ten British Muslims in a house to live together. The aim is clearly to challenge the tendency to describe, dismiss or blame Muslims as a homogeneous mass with a single set of values. The volunteers range from retired boxer Abdul, who says “Islam has got nothing against culture, as long as that culture doesn’t disagree with Islam”, to gay Glaswegian Ferhan, who doesn’t feel his liberal outlook conflicts with his faith.

If there is a prevailing attitude it’s probably articulated by 76-year-old, Kolkata-born Saba: “To be a Muslim means simply to take on certain practices which give your life a kind of support. It’s like tomatoes on a trellis: instead of flopping around on the ground, you’re held up.”


Part one of two. Documentary following 10 British Muslims with contrasting world views who have been placed in a house together, giving an insight into what is like to be a Muslim in Britain today and the range of attitudes and beliefs among the faithful. In the opening instalment, the 10 meet and settle into their new home as they begin to explore how their faith impacts their lives, from sleeping arrangements, cooking and prayer, to dress and culture.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Kieran Smith
Series Editor Ollie Manley
Series Producer Mobeen Azhar