Harriet's Army




Feature-length drama, set in the First World War, following a 14-year-old girl called Harriet decides to take drastic action when her neighbours become suspicious of a local family with German connections. Determined to get to the bottom of whether there are really spies in their midst, Harriet and her misfit friends form a secret army dedicated to tracking down the real interlopers.

Cast & Crew

Harriet Grange Ciara Baxendale
Edward Grange Ben-Ryan Davies
Violet Croft Sophie Wright
Thomas Brown Elliot Baxter
Jimmy Cruickshank Matthew McGreevy
Mr Grange William Travis
Sam Grange Max True
Stephen Croft James Baxter
Timmy Brook Exley
Mrs Brown Gemma Wardle
Lewis Brown Adam Thomas Wright
Welsh postman Glyn Pritchard
Mrs Croft Naomi Allisstone
Johnny Briggs Bradley Johnson
Mrs Stanner Viktoria Kay
Harriet's Army girl Mia Wyles
Harbourmaster Paul Brown
Army sergeant Jonny Bower
Captain Sikes Jonathan Jaynes
Director Stewart Svaasand
Producer Foz Allan
Writer Guy Burt
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