Omnibus. Cameron is left furious when Leela suggests postponing the wedding, and Tony fumes when he finds out Ste and Warren were trying to frame Ryan. Elsewhere, Leah leaves a note for Ste saying that all she wants for Christmas is to see him, prompting Ste to do whatever he can to get his children back.

Cast & Crew

Adam Donovan Jimmy Essex
Amy Barnes Ashley Slanina-Davies
Cameron Campbell Cameron Moore
Celine McQueen Sarah George
Cleo McQueen Nadine Mulkerrin
Courtney Campbell Amy Conachan
DS Armstrong Andrew Hayden-Smith
Darren Osborne Ashley Taylor Dawson
Dirk Savage David Kennedy
Esther Bloom Jazmine Franks
Grace Black Tamara Wall
Harry Thompson Parry Glasspool
Holly Cunningham Amanda Clapham
Jack Osborne James McKenna
Jesse Donovan Luke Jerdy
Joanne Cardsley Rachel Leskovac
Kim Butterfield Daisy Wood-Davis
Leah Barnes Ela-May Demircan
Leela Roscoe Kirsty-Leigh Porter
Liam Donovan Maxim Baldry
Louis Loveday Karl Collins
Lucas Hay William Hall
Maxine Minniver Nikki Sanderson
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe
Nancy Osborne Jessica Fox
Neeta Kaur Amrit Maghera
Nick Savage Ben Ryan Davies
Peri Lomax Ruby O'Donnell
Ryan Knight Duncan James
Simone Loveday Jacqueline Boatswain
Ste McQueen Kieron Richardson
Tegan Lomax Jessica Ellis
Tony Hutchinson Nick Pickard
Zack Loveday Duayne Boachie
Tracey Donovan Lisa Maxwell
Director Nicky Higgens
Writer Gareth Lemon
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