Walt Disney

Walt Disney - Part One


His films were the cornerstone of many happy childhoods and his image was as the perfect father or uncle, but behind his wholesome image Walt Disney – some say – was unscrupulous and a tyrant.

The first of a two-part documentary takes us from the struggles of his early days through to the triumph of his first full-length animations and clearly shows the two sides of his character. He was fun-loving and innovative but he was also obsessive, high-handed and very critical of his staff. Hearing and seeing the process of creating Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is extraordinary. And, of course, the end result makes you forgive him almost everything.


The first of two documentaries exploring the life, career and legacy of Walt Disney, making use of archive footage alongside interviews with his friends, colleagues and relatives to present a portrait of a ruthlessly driven animator and entrepreneur whose single-minded ambition allowed him to create a string of cartoon masterpieces that would define an entire industry. This opening instalment charts Disney's early days, from the creation of Mickey Mouse through to the triumph of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, his first full-length animated feature film.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Mark Samuels
Producer Sarah Colt