Bah Humbug

Series 31



As Christmas hovers in the background, Casualty brings us a heart-warming festive tale with a resounding ring of familiarity. A mean boss who sacks his workforce on Christmas Eve, whose impecunious hard-working right hand man is called Rob Cranitch who has a young son with a bad leg… do you get the picture?

Yes, it’s a Casualty Christmas Carol. There’s a scrum at a toy shop, which descends into a chaos of collapsing shelves and boxes. The grasping rotter of an owner (The Bill’s Christopher Ellison) ends up in the emergency department with poor downtrodden Rob… you might be able to guess the rest.

Meanwhile, Charlie is impatient with dithering Duffy and sly Sebastian delivers a bombshell.


Holby plays host to its very own Christmas Carol when ruthless department store manager Larry is admitted to A&E after getting caught up in a Christmas Eve sales riot at his shop. Also injured in the chaos is Toby, the son of Larry's put-upon deputy Rob, who was forced to bring his child in to work due to his inability to pay for child care. As the miserly Larry lashes out at his staff for their inability to contain the disaster, young Toby manfully weathers the pain of his injuries to give his father's boss a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, Duffy's estranged husband Ryan is also caught up in the fracas, and when he too is admitted to the ED, he makes use of his hospitalisation to try to repair his fractured marriage - much to Charlie's dismay.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Lisa `Duffy' Duffin Cathy Shipton
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Sebastian Grayling Rik Makarem
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Caleb Knight Richard Winsor
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
David Hide Jason Durr
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Jez Andrews Lloyd Everitt
Grace Beauchamp-Strachan Emily Carey
Ryan Johnson Russell Boulter
Larry Niven Chris Ellison
Rob Cranitch Scott Frazer
Toby Cranitch Ryan Baker
Linda Rudd Tanya Vital
Irene Sweeney Zara Ramm
Paul Duffin Roly Botha
Director David Beauchamp
Producer Dafydd Llewelyn
Writer Dominique Moloney
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