Fern Britton Meets

Fern Britton Meets Michael Gove


Michael Gove has done few interviews since the Brexit campaign and his subsequent bid for Tory Party leadership, so whatever direction Fern’s conversation takes this morning it promises to be a compelling watch. Brexit is a divisive and emotionally charged topic for many of us, including Britton: “I was and am a Remainer, I was shocked by the result, and I suspect it will be belt and braces for a while. But maybe everything won’t be as bad as we fear.”

As ever, though, the intended focus of the discussion will be on religion. Gove is a devout Christian and firm believer in redemption, something he spoke about at length during his stint as Justice Secretary, so will have much to say about the values that underpin his life.


The former Conservative cabinet member discusses his political career, and the religious beliefs that have underpinned his actions.

Cast & Crew

Host Fern Britton
Guest Michael Gove
Executive Producer Dave Stanford
Producer Emily Davis
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