Alia's University

Series 5 - Episode 5 Alia's University



Dreading the sad moment, Khan prepares to drop off beloved daughter Alia for her first day at university. Mrs Khan wants the whole family to attend, so Khan has to find a way to get all of them from Sparkhill to Glasgow. However, the car breaks down, forcing him to improvise alternative travel arrangements, which gives all concerned plenty of time for some fond reminiscing about Alia's early years. Adil Ray, Shobu Kapoor, Krupa Pattani and Bhavna Limbachia star.

Cast & Crew

Mr Khan Adil Ray
Mrs Khan Shobu Kapoor
Shazia Khan Krupa Pattani
Alia Khan Bhavna Limbachia
Amjad Malik Abdullah Afzal
Naani Adlyn Ross
Director Nick Wood
Executive Producer Rebecca Papworth
Producer Anil Gupta
Writer Anil Gupta
Writer Richard Pinto
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