Walliams & Friend

Walliams & Friend


In another brave stab at resurrecting the sketch show for the YouTube age, David Walliams’s guest is Sheridan Smith, an actress with funny bones, skill and range. The material however is a trifle mixed.

Smith’s struggling cruise singer aiming to impress an agent and the pair’s Barbie and Ken wannabees feel a little aimless and mean-spirited. But game show What’s She Cross About? hits the mark, as does an oddly affecting monologue from Smith’s Bertha Stoat, a woman unfathomably but blissfully in love with her grotesque and boring husband.

The best moment by miles is Carry On Up the Sexual Assault Tribunal, a sharp modern takedown of a British comedy staple.


Multi-talented thespian Sheridan Smith takes the fateful step of agreeing to become David Walliams' latest `friend', transforming into a real-life Barbie doll, facing an unlikely dilemma while filming a swords-and-sorcery epic, and hitting all the wrong notes as a cruise ship singer with a chip on her shoulder. David and Sheridan also play bickering husband-and-wife contestants on an ill-fated game show and feature in a politically correct parody of 1970s Carry On films, Carry On Up the Sexual Harassment Tribunal.

Cast & Crew

Host David Walliams
Guest Sheridan Smith
Contributor Morgana Robinson
Contributor Mike Wozniak
Contributor Jason Lewis
Contributor Ashley Gilmour
Contributor Mikel Sylvanus
Contributor Emmanuel Kojo
Contributor Jeremy Limb
Contributor Rhys Howells
Director Matt Lipsey
Producer Sarah Fraser
Writer David Walliams
Writer The Dawson Bros
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Arts Comedy