Extraordinary Weddings

Extraordinary Weddings

Series 1 - Episode 1



The lives of the two young couples in this documentary changed in an instant. Nick went blind overnight while Carly had a fall that left her paralysed. Both of them had long-term partners who stuck by them.

The programme mainly focuses on how they’ve been affected by their personal tragedies and how they’ve had to adapt to their new situations, although Nick maintains, “It’s still a normal relationship where you help each other out but we’ve just got a bit more on our plate.”

It’s intensely moving to watch, but the sadness is softened by their determination, the strength of their relationships and the joy of their wedding days.


New series. Documentary telling the stories of couples who are determined to get hitched despite life placing tough obstacles in their way. Nick and Sophie from Cambridgeshire were looking for their first home together when Nick was struck down by a rare form of cancer. He now has the all-clear but it has left him blind. How does he feel that he won't see his bride as she walk down the aisle? Meanwhile, Carly and Nelly from Newquay were also planning on setting up home together when a freak accident left Carly paralysed from the neck down. In spite of this, they are now planning her dream wedding - and cameras follow them all the way.

Cast & Crew

Director Hannah Berryman
Executive Producer Richard Bond
Producer Jenny Williams