Close to the Enemy

Close to the Enemy

Series 1 - Episode 5



Callum Ferguson is an international man of both mystery and action. “I’m going to get the heating working!” he announces to his dewy-eyed mistress Rachel, who’s hosting a chilly fashion show.

Rachel and Callum are smitten with one another, though the wisdom of gazing wistfully across crowded rooms, right in front of Rachel’s cuckolded husband, is doubtful.

As Stephen Poliakoff’s post-Second World War drama inches forward (or backwards, or even sideways – so little happens it’s hard to tell), Callum has a tip for war crimes investigator Kathy, who’s trying to get through to a mute female prisoner – Nazis like a night out.

And elsewhere, Frau Bellinghausen goes downstairs.


Victor comes to Callum with proof that Dieter, who is seemingly helping the British to achieve their jet-engine goals, is not innocent of war crimes. Callum goes some way to regaining Victor and Kathy's favour by helping the latter get access to a useful German prisoner, Bergit Mentz. He also believes he can get the proof Harold requires to expose the British government's wartime secrets, while keeping Victor and Rachel close to him at the hotel. But can he really have it all? Stephen Poliakoff's period drama, starring Jim Sturgess, Freddie Highmore and Phoebe Fox.

Cast & Crew

Callum Ferguson Jim Sturgess
Victor Ferguson Freddie Highmore
Rachel Lombard Charlotte Riley
Kathy Griffiths Phoebe Fox
Dieter Koehler August Diehl
Brigadier Wainwright Robert Glenister
Ringwood Alfie Allen
Alex Lombard Sebastian Armesto
Geoffrey Salter Julian Bleach
Miss Clarkson Emma Fielding
Rita Vinette Robinson
Bergit Mentz Antje Traue
Julia Charity Wakefield
Eva Angela Bassett
Frau Bellinghausen Lindsay Duncan
Harold Lindsay-Jones Alfred Molina
Lotte Koehler Lucy Ward
Lucy Lindsay-Jones Ciara Charteris
Leonard Duncan Wisbey
Anna Sai Bennett
Mrs Tooley Jacqueline Tong
Hotel desk clerk Peter Prentice
Stern faced woman Raewyn Lippert
Portly poet James Dryden
Victor's minder Lee Long
Director Stephen Poliakoff
Producer Helen Flint
Writer Stephen Poliakoff
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