Series 12 - Episode 10 Gin



After all this time, the candidates are still magnificently inept at pitching their ideas. This week they contradict each other, fumble with props, waffle and flat-out lie in front of the various potential clients — and still get orders for thousands of (nonexistent, imaginary) pounds. Maybe that’s because what they’re flogging is gin.

In a task that would normally be a winners’ treat, they have to mix up a new brand of gin, which for some involves very thorough research. (“You must have been as researched as a newt,” chides Lord Sugar.) And when the results are announced, one winning candidate can’t help bursting out: “Final five! Final five!” Yes, next up: the interviews.


Alan Sugar tasks the entrepreneurs to produce their own brand of gin, complete with an eye-catching bottle and a matching cocktail. With the final in sight, the candidates are all out to impress and they battle for the chance to be the last project manager. However, once they decide and half the teams head off to the distilleries, one lot get a little too much into the spirit of things - and when the hangover hits during the pitch, any hint of personality dries up. For the others, an argument leaves one hopeful with a bitter taste in their mouth. But who will be getting a free taxi ride home?

Cast & Crew

Contributor Alan Sugar
Contributor Karren Brady
Contributor Claude Littner
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer Tom Garland
Series Editor Paul Broadbent
Series Editor Claire Walls
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