Meet Your Maker

Series 3 - Episode 8 Meet Your Maker



The Clarke household is in crisis. Will's nanobots are rapidly failing, and Nick is at a loss. Determined to save his son, Nick lays aside his initial suspicions when Katherine appears with a high-tech solution. Will comes round and, despite a nano-hangover, seems well. But, as Nick knows, he is not out of danger yet - Katherine has supplied only a temporary fix. Heeding Nick's warning, Eve tracks down Peterson with Abe in tow. At his old address, they are met by the new resident, Mr Roberts, who denies knowing the whereabouts of Mr Peterson, though Eve's suspicions are alerted when she scans a Calimov pass in the hallway. With Nick taking Will into Calimov, Eve decides it's best to be by his side, leaving Abe to investigate alone. The nano charge has had a surprising effect on Will; Lily and Eve are bemused as he relays abstract scientific theorems. As part of his ongoing therapy, Katherine administers another charge, but this time Will's body has an adverse reaction, causing him to freeze. When Mr Roberts appears, with nanotech, it becomes clear there is a deeper connection between him and Peterson. He stabilises Will, and tries to exit, but Eve is on to him. Though at first he denies he is her father, Eve has guessed the truth. Katherine confirms his identity, and claims to have brought him back with the sole purpose of saving Will. Back at Eden Farm, meanwhile, Abe discovers what Peterson has really been hiding: Rebecca, confined in his makeshift lab, supplying him with nanobots to find the cure for Will. Despite Abe's concern, she swears him to silence. But can Abe keep quiet?