The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

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The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

Series 1 - Episode 1



Like a scientific version of DIY SOS but with less banter, this challenges a group of experts (engineers, designers and computer programmers) to invent life-changing solutions for people in desperate need.

Simon Reeve introduces us to amateur photographer James, who has a horribly painful skin condition that stops him operating his beloved camera; graphic designer Emma, whose Parkinson’s disease makes her hands shake so much she can’t draw a straight line; and a remote Welsh community that’s in a phone and internet “not spot”.

It’s mind-boggling watching the problem-solving process, but sometimes the solution is so momentous, it leaves you as emotionally overwhelmed as the recipient.


A team of inventors try to help people in need, creating solutions to everyday problems, beginning with a terminally ill photographer who can no longer use his hands to operate a camera. They attempt to bring cutting-edge technology to a remote Welsh village which has no internet access and an unreliable telephone connection, and give some control back to a young designer who has Parkinson's disease and who has been unable to use a pen since developing tremors in her hands two years ago.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Simon Reeve
Director Tom Watt-Smith
Executive Producer Ros Ponder
Executive Producer Tim Harcourt
Producer Tom Watt-Smith