Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you saw and loved Wolf Hall you might find the reconstructions in Lucy Worsley’s new series a bit Channel 5. You might also think that Worsley dressed up as an eavesdropping, silent maid in Henry VIII’s court is a bit of a stretch. But this is how history is taught on television, with tricks and gimmicks.

Still, Worsley is always good value, even if she can’t keep away from the dressing-up box, and there are some good bits, including a thrilling moment when she is allowed to see the letters Henry VIII wrote to his mistress, Anne Boleyn. Yes, that really is the monster’s handwriting, billing and cooing in French to his beloved.

In the first episode of a story that surely everyone in the world knows, Worsley looks at Catherine of Aragon’s fight to stop her husband from dissolving their marriage so he can wed Ms Boleyn.


A dramatised account of the key moments in the lives of Henry VIII's wives, combining drama with the presenter's own contemporary historical comment. In this episode, Lucy follows Catherine of Aragon through her emotional and physical struggles to give Henry the heir he so desperately needs to continue his dynasty. When Catherine finally gives birth to a baby girl, Henry's eye wanders to the ladies at court - first Mary Boleyn, and then to her sister, Anne.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lucy Worsley
Actor Paola Bontempi
Actor Scott Arthur
Actor Claire Cooper
Actor Orlando James
Actor Natalie Grady
Actor Bea Segura
Actor Tiffany Ceri
Actor Nicholas Agnew
Actor Sam Phillips
Actor Scarlett Cecil
Actor Jamie de Courcey
Actor Sophie Bleasdale
Director Russell England
Editor Amanda Baxter
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Executive Producer Leanne Klein
Writer Chloe Moss
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