My Mother and Other Strangers

My Mother and Other Strangers


Handsome Captain Dreyfuss is the American Air Force’s liaison officer with the people of the tiny Northern Irish town of Moybeg. Though by now we know what kind of “liaison” he has in mind as his adored Rose Coyne flutters like a mad moth whenever he’s close by.

Married Rose (Hattie Morahan) can’t keep her feelings in check, weeping in her living room while sad-eyed Captain Dreyfuss (Aaron Staton), who we discover has A Secret Pain, looks at her, aching with longing.

It’s the final episode and tensions are running high as the Americans throw a party at the aerodrome for the local kids. But the big dramas are focused on the adults as Rose’s husband Michael hears bad news.


Rose is preoccupied by Dreyfuss' absence and rejects him when he returns after three weeks. The children are delighted when it is revealed that a Christmas party is going to be held at the aerodrome, but the celebration stirs up tension within the community, especially when Ned Hanlon discovers his family are not invited. Michael receives bad news from his cousin and needs the support of his family more than ever, while Rose is left torn when she learns the reason for Dreyfuss' disappearance during the Christmas party. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Rose Coyne Hattie Morahan
Michael Coyne Owen McDonnell
Capt Ronald Dreyfuss Aaron Staton
Kettie Brady Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Barney Quinn Gavin Drea
Emma Coyne Eileen O’Higgins
Failey Kerr Logan
Ned Hanlon Des McAleer
Mickey Joe Hanlon Ryan McParland
Francis Coyne Michael Nevin
Tillie Zeigler Kate Phillips
Sally Quinn Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Will Williams Sam Lucas Smith
Kate Coyne Mia Carlin
Martin Brady Jonathan Harden
Jack Corey Frank McCusker
Seamie Brady Isaac Heslip
Father Nolan Michael Colgan
Harrington Conor Grimes
Andrew Black Ruairi O'Connor
Sgt Noches Aldo Uribe
Lt Harper Jack Greenlees
Jemmy Fox Frank McCafferty
Lt Steiger Cosmo Jarvis
Doris Jolene O'Hara
Mandy Philippa O'Hara
Jeweller Dan Gordon
MP Brahm Gallagher
Older Francis Ciaran Hinds
Director Adrian Shergold
Producer Grainne Marmion
Writer Barry Devlin
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