Rillington Place



John Christie stands on the threshold of a room where he has committed unspeakable horrors. “Oh dear, dear, dear,” he simpers, with monstrous understatement.

Tim Roth is brilliant as Christie, manipulating a sweet, dreadfully naive young married couple who move in upstairs at squalid 10 Rillington Place. Tim and Beryl Evans (heartbreaking Nico Mirallegro and Jodie Comer) are two bruised innocents struggling with money and illiterate Tim’s compulsion to tell lies.

They have a baby daughter, Geraldine, but when Beryl becomes pregnant for a second time, she knows they won’t be able to cope. Christie, whose malign presence suffocates that awful house, watches, listens and waits, preparing to make his move: “I have helped couples in a similar situation, Tim.”

What follows led to an infamous miscarriage of justice and Mirallegro is so good you’ll want to shout at him not to listen. But he does, and his world collapses.


When newlyweds Tim and Beryl move into 10 Rillington Place, they are befriended by their older neighbours, Reg and Ethel Christie. As time passes and their relationship hits a rough patch, Reg's interest and influence over the couple takes a much more sinister turn. Drama, starring Tim Roth and Samantha Morton.

Cast & Crew

Reg Christie Tim Roth
Ethel Christie Samantha Morton
Tim Evans Nico Mirallegro
Beryl Evans Jodie Comer
Detective Chief Inspector Gilly Gilchrist
Lancaster Receptionist Bobby Rainsbury
Adler Glyn Grimstead
Mrs Probert Eiry Thomas
Lucy Endecott Pearl Appleby
Violet Nia Roberts
Cornelius Alun Raglan
DS Gough Rhys AP William
Director Craig Viveiros
Executive Producer Phillippa Giles
Producer Sharon Bloom
Writer Tracey Malone
Writer Ed Whitmore
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