The Turner Prize 2016: The Nominees

The Turner Prize 2016: The Nominees



Conceptual art is often said to be up its own backside, and here’s the proof. Anthea Hamilton’s Project for a Door, a towering sculpture of a model’s buttocks, has been this year’s prize exhibit in the press’s case against the Turner Prize. Elsewhere, there’s a model train, a pile of pennies and some photographs of hands.

Helen Marten’s collage-like installations of found and handmade objects are the most intriguing pieces, but Morgan Quaintance asks whether, as visitors can photograph the exhibits, the art has been nominated for its Instagram appeal, as if the Turner is a teenager only interested in its social media profile.


Morgan Quaintance presents profiles of the four nominees for the arts award, and examines how Tate Britain allowing visitors to take photographs may have influenced the event.

Cast & Crew

Actor Morgan Quaintance
Director Ben Harding
Executive Producer Richard Bright
Producer Ben Harding