Series 2 - Episode 6

Sat 2 Dec 2:15am - 3:10am Channel 4


Remember William Hurt’s character from season one? His Synth (and surrogate son) was called Odi, and he has drifted around this season, a damaged piece of hardware with a crooked arm and dodgy eye, but he comes into focus here.

Mattie gave him the consciousness code and now he’s struggling to handle a life with feelings. He tells a priest in the confessional, “I’ve recently gained self-awarness and I’m having difficulty finding purpose or meaning.” It’s a tough one, and his existential crisis raises the question of whether he was better off as an unthinking machine, a theme that also bubbles up in Mia’s story. The drama is toying with ideas about mental health, happiness and losing control. As always, it makes you think.


Athena challenges Milo about his unethical plans, and is shocked to discover the true extent of the tycoon's ambitions. Max decides to start a new community of synths, and takes matters into his own hands when he learns how far Leo is prepared to go in pursuit of his goals. Mattie is not sure who to trust with her secret, and Mia has a revelation that has shocking consequences for the Hawkins family.

Cast & Crew

Milo Khoury Marshall Allman
Dr Athena Morrow Carrie-Anne Moss
Laura Hawkins Katherine Parkinson
Mia Gemma Chan
Mattie Hawkins Lucy Carless
Leo Elster Colin Morgan
Niska Emily Berrington
Neha Patel QC Thusitha Jayasundera
Sophie Hawkins Pixie Davies
Joe Hawkins Tom Goodman-Hill
Toby Hawkins Theo Stevenson
Odi Will Tudor
DI Karen Voss Ruth Bradley
DI Pete Drummond Neil Maskell
Sam Billy Jenkins
Hester Sonya Cassidy
Max Ivanno Jeremiah
Flash Ritu Arya
Renie Letitia Wright
Astrid Bella Dayne
V. Chloe Wicks
Priest Paul Keating
Director Francesca Gregorini
Executive Producer Lars Lundstrom
Executive Producer Henrik Widman
Executive Producer Derek Wax
Executive Producer Chris Fry
Executive Producer Sam Vincent
Executive Producer Jonathan Brackley
Producer Paul Gilbert
Writer Joe Barton
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