Series 1 - Episode 3



Everybody acts so wilfully oddly in this subtitled Swedish crime thriller that it’s hard to cut through the frigid gloom to get any kind of handle on what on earth is happening.

In the first two episodes the clinically efficient killer, who looks a bit like a young Ray Liotta, brutally murdered two women. He’s back, menacing young witness Stina, daughter of forensic profiler Inger, and staring at people whom he might or might not be deciding to make his next victims.

The murderer is clearly a full-on extensively tattooed TV headcase, who rises through the ice of a frozen lake, naked, and lives in a caravan in a snowy wood where he projects images onto the walls.

Modus is nicely creepy and the snowy landscapes look spectacular. Scour the backgrounds for some very chic examples of Scandi interior design.


Police have finally found the body of murdered TV chef Isabella Levin, but the killer continues his pursuit of young witness Stina, daughter of criminal psychologist Inger Vik. Meanwhile, the widowed husband of Bishop Elisabeth Lindgren begins to act very strangely, and Rolf Ljungberg starts to doubt the fidelity of his businessman husband, Marcus Stahl. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Erik Lindgren Krister Henrikssson
Linnea Vik Lily Wahlsteen
Rolf Ljungberg Peter Joback
Inger Johanne Vik Melinda Kinnaman
Marcus Stahl Magnus Roosmann
Isak Aronson Simon J Berger
Stina Esmeralda Struwe
Richard Forrester Marek Oravec
Ingvar Nyman Henrik Norlen
Writer Mai Brostrom
Writer Peter Thorsboe
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