The Sikhs of Smethwick

The Sikhs of Smethwick


This sprawling documentary by Midlands film-maker Billy Dosanjh takes an interesting topic – the half-century of Sikhs living in his home town of Smethwick – and approaches it in a pleasingly unusual way, framing the changing face of his culture primarily through the evolving traditions of love and weddings.

As he explains himself, it’s “a marriage of two traditions – British and Sikh” – which is seeing a younger generation move away from the ways of their parents, finding love and celebrating it in a unique blend of the two cultures.

In the course of this, Dosanjh uses rare archive footage to take us on a historical journey from farm life in northern India to the dangers of the Black Country steelworks, as well as the struggles with racism that once put Smethwick on the map – for all the wrong reasons.


A celebration of 50 years of the Sikh community in film-maker Billy Dosanjh's home town of Smethwick, from their arrival in the late 1950s and early 1960s to the present day.

Cast & Crew

Director Billy Dosanjh
Executive Producer Denys Blakeway
Producer Billy Dosanjh