Jack Taylor: In Purgatory

Jack Taylor: In Purgatory

Series 3



Jack Taylor’s sidekick Darragh drives a 1980s Opel Manta with a cassette player in, and there are times when this Irish-German co-production feels like a drama of roughly similar vintage. The opening scene where a skateboarder is shot by a sniper is a daft way to kick the plot off, but the thing about this series is, it always delivers good, gripping scenes – albeit interspersed with absolute clunkers.

It helps that Iain Glen adds heft in the title role – so much so, he almost convinces you of Taylor’s irresistible power over women half his age (he has three different love interests this time).

Meanwhile, a hokey plot about stolen software for a video game ticks over, but beware the unlikely blonde security chief with the even unlikelier accent.


Iain Glen stars in the last of three crime dramas based on the novels by Ken Bruen, about a former Garda officer now working as a private investigator. Jack and Darragh are hired by the head of a major software company to find out who stole valuable games data from them. Jack takes an instinctive liking to the main suspect, a young woman named Skyler - but when she is killed, Jack suspects his employer and vows to bring him down. Meanwhile, the private eye is annoyed to discover that Kate is in a fledgling relationship with an old schoolmate. Siobhan O'Kelly and Jack Monaghan co-star.

Cast & Crew

Jack Taylor Iain Glen
Kate Noonan Siobhan O'Kelly
Darragh Noonan Jack Monaghan
Mason Christopher Fulford
Kelly Laura Aikman
Tom Farrell Sean Mahon
Skyler Sarah Jane Seymour
Mr Egan David Herlihy
Anthony Bradford-Hemple Peter Campion
Debbie Erin Gilgen
Alan Rory Fleck Byrne
Ivan Conor Quinlan
Fiona Eva-Jane Gaffney
Aidan Cian Kealy
Nick James O'Sullivan
Francis Patrick O'Brien
Xavier Cathal Pendred
Mrs Henry Maire Nic Gearailt
Homeless guy Jack Walsh
Director Charlie McCarthy
Executive Producer Paul Cummins
Writer Marteinn Thorisson
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