Close to the Enemy

Close to the Enemy


Alfred Molina brings class to every scene he’s in as the strange ex-government man Harold Lindsay-Jones. At last we learn why he’s been hanging around that cavernous hotel, and what he’s dying to tell callow Callum.

Though the episode lasts for an hour it feels longer, particularly when Callum and his little group of oddbods head into the countryside for a nighttime jaunt to watch sometime prostitute Julia (Charity Wakefield) film a scene for a movie. It’s pretty, but pointless.

The lovely Rachel continues to waft about without being given much to do, though the excellent Charlotte Riley wrings everything she can from the role.


Callum finds himself juggling many demands - having successfully prevented a war criminal leaving the country, he is instructed to get rid of all information regarding individuals of interest, while also courting the imperious Frau Bellinghausen. At the same time, his relationship with Rachel becomes more compromising - and his dealings inside the hotel bring him closer to ex-Foreign Office official Harold, who reveals startling truths about the outbreak of the war. Meanwhile, Victor and Kathy make the most of Callum's distractions to find whatever his department has been hiding.

Cast & Crew

Callum Ferguson Jim Sturgess
Victor Ferguson Freddie Highmore
Rachel Lombard Charlotte Riley
Kathy Griffiths Phoebe Fox
Dieter Koehler August Diehl
Brigadier Wainwright Robert Glenister
Ringwood Alfie Allen
Alex Lombard Sebastian Armesto
Geoffrey Salter Julian Bleach
Miss Clarkson Emma Fielding
Horst Kleinow Aleksandar Jovanovic
Rita Vinette Robinson
Julia Charity Wakefield
Eva Angela Bassett
Frau Bellinghausen Lindsay Duncan
Harold Lindsay-Jones Alfred Molina
Lotte Koehler Lucy Ward
Ruth Carly Bawden
Anna Sai Bennett
Hotel desk clerk Peter Prentice
Andy (waste disposal man) Barry Aird
Director Stephen Poliakoff
Producer Helen Flint
Writer Stephen Poliakoff
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