The Apprentice

Virtual Reality Game


Talk about setting people up to fail. Our hopefuls are lounging around the house in pyjamas when Lord Sugar appears to them on virtual reality headsets. He tells them this week’s challenge is to design and brand a new video game. In two days.

And that’s it – from a standing start they choose a setting, come up with game characters, a name, a logo and get designers to build a demo level. That’s day one. On day two, they go to Comic Con and pitch what they’ve come up with to industry experts and members of the public.

The best moments include one PM telling a top games designer, “You know what I mean by 3D?” and another exclaiming the series’ most surreal line to date, “The badger’s got a quiff!”


The candidates have to push their imagination and design skills to the limit to create their own virtual-reality games, before pitching them to enthusiasts and industry experts at the world-famous London Comic Con exhibition. One team opts for an undersea game, while the other reaches for the stars. However, one project manager loses patience when a giggling sub-team fails to take the task seriously enough. On pitch day, the reality of speaking to the largest audience in Apprentice history causes nerves to take hold. The audience then votes for their favourite game, and when the results are announced in the boardroom, it will be `game over' for at least one of the hopefuls.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Alan Sugar
Contributor Karren Brady
Contributor Claude Littner
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer Tom Garland
Series Editor Paul Broadbent
Series Editor Claire Walls
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