Pieces of Eight

Series 2 - Episode 9 Pieces of Eight



Lighthaven's Pirate Festival provides the perfect cover for a robbery, leaving Davey giving chase while Jane tries to discover why a faceless man has washed up on the beach.

Cast & Crew

Dick Hamilton James Barriscale
Don Shapur Ramon Tikaram
Ruby Hamilton Emma Stansfield
Kass Shapur Aaron Phagura
Beth Kennedy Grace Hogg-Robinson
Mick Sturrock Ivan Kaye
John `Blackbeard' Fraser David Sterne
DS Davey Higgins Matt Bardock
Jane Kennedy Claire Goose
Clint Holman Oliver Gomm
Judith Kennedy Beatie Edney
Director Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Sandra MacIver
Writer Matthew Cooke
Writer Vincent Lund
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