The Missing

The Mountain


We learnt the identity of the kidnapper three weeks ago, in the episode when we also learnt that a drill should be kept handy only for household DIY and not for any other purpose. So this final episode in the series doesn’t contain any mighty revelations.

But it’s poignant in parts and there’s one good moment when you’ll think – and this is down entirely to some very subtle acting by those involved – “Ah, I see, it seems so obvious now.”

Not that we are entirely let off the hook by writers Jack and Harry Williams, who keep something up their sleeves that will probably bring a tear to your jaded eye.

As ever with a complicated, many-stranded thriller, not everything hangs together, but try to let any plot holes pass you by and go with the flow. After their discovery last week, Baptiste and Gemma set off for Switzerland.


Jack and Harry Williams' complex crime thriller draws to a close, tying together the various loose threads from both timelines to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux. In 2014, the truth about the re-appearance of `Alice' is revealed, as the circumstances of her escape back to Eckhausen are finally revealed. In 2016, armed with fresh information, Sam and Gemma present a new, united front as they join Julien in a desperate race to track Alice and Sophie's abductor all the way from Germany to the mountains of Switzerland. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Julien Baptiste Tchéky Karyo
Sam Webster David Morrissey
Gemma Webster Keeley Hawes
Brigadier Adrian Stone Roger Allam
Eve Stone Laura Fraser
Celia Baptiste Anastasia Hille
Nadia Herz Lia Williams
Alice Webster Abigail Hardingham
Matthew Webster Jake Davies
Adam Gettrick Derek Riddell
Kristian Herz Filip Peeters
Daniel Reed Daniel Ezra
Henry Reed Brian Bovell
Remy Giroux Fabrice Rodriguez
Lucy Indica Watson
Azad Selva Rasalingam
Pol Officer 1 Kristof Alexander
French anaesthetist Pierre Dherte
French surgeon Christophe Sermet
Director Ben Chanan
Producer Julian Stevens
Writer Jack Williams
Writer Harry Williams
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