Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

Khatgal, Outer Mongolia

Series 5 - Episode 6 Khatgal, Outer Mongolia

Thu 28 Sep 5pm - 6pm My5


In the west, the words "Outer Mongolia" are synonymous with remoteness, and this is one of the wildest locations Ben has visited. Micky and Trina moved there to become missionaries, presumably to spread the word as far from their Ohio home as possible. Initially, you wonder who they're going to spread the word to – out there in the middle of nowhere. But they've actually built up quite a congregation.

With temperatures way below freezing, the traditional custom of spontaneous wrestling helps to keep Ben's cockles cooking. But it looks like he's getting into it a bit too much when he rugby tackles one of the locals in a Cato-style surprise attack.


The explorer meets Micky and Trina Cofer, who along with their four children, left behind the comforts of America to become missionaries in the freezing tundra of Mongolia. In temperatures of below minus 20, Ben builds his own ger (yurt) to sleep in, uses a freezing outhouse, attempts ice-fishing, joins a wolf-hunt and learns how to wrestle.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Director Sean McDonnell
Director Claire Bugden
Executive Producer Melanie Darlaston
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Producer Sean McDonnell
Producer Claire Bugden
Series Producer Natalie Wilkinson
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