MPs: Behind Closed Doors

MPs: Behind Closed Doors


Don’t go thinking because this is on Channel 5 it’ll be trashy. In fact, Rachel Tracy’s film about three MPs and their weekly constituency surgeries is skilfully made and full of neat human touches.

The beauty of the surgeries – from our point of view – is that they’re a place where MPs have no choice but to listen. Initially the programme plays on the comedy of the powerful having to hear out people with firm views on subjects big and small. A woman takes Jacob Rees Mogg to task over Brexit. A man wants Nick Clegg to help save a pub.

Rees Mogg, looking more than ever like an illustration from a Jennings book, provides more light relief than you might expect. But as the programme goes on, we gather that people in desperate difficulty can come to surgeries as a last resort and this quirk of our democracy makes a real difference.


Documentary revealing life inside the offices of three high-profile politicians as members of the public turn to them for help with a huge range of problems. Labour's Naz Shah battles to stop Afghan-born student Zaman from being deported, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg wrestles with the sensitive issue of a woman with an eating disorder, and Jacob Rees-Mogg of the Conservatives is confronted by a woman who claims his support of Brexit has cost her and her family their rights to live and work in Europe.

Cast & Crew

Director Rachel Tracy
Executive Producer Dov Freedman
Producer Rachel Tracy
Current Affairs Documentary