The Last Miners

The Last Miners


A despondent Sheldon, a miner for 38 years who’s just lost his job after the closure of Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, looks sadly into his garden. He’s bored at home: “There’s only so many times you can wash the windows… I’ve hoovered twice today before 12 o’clock.”

Sheldon and his colleagues said their emotional goodbyes in December last year as the last deep coal mine in Britain was sealed up for good. Wes Pollitt’s series is an unashamed heart-tugger – see if you can get through watching the lads hug each other manfully as a colliery band plays Nimrod from the Enigma Variations on the soundtrack without shedding a tear.

But despite the men’s anger and disappointment, there’s hope…


Part two of two. It's the final week before the closure of Britain's last deep-coal mine at Kellingley colliery in North Yorkshire and the programmes follows Sheldon, Jonesy, Kev and Jack as they prepare for their last-ever shift at Kellingley colliery, before the final piece of coal is cut and the machines are switched off for ever. Above ground, emotions run high as the men say goodbye not only to each other, but also to a way of life that has supported them for decades.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Christopher Eccleston
Executive Producer Andrew Palmer
Executive Producer Will Anderson
Series Director Wes Pollitt