Series 3 - Episode 7



Talent shows come under the microscope of mirth in the penultimate episode. The Elders become distracted from their task of overthowing Yonderland’s heinous iterregnum – by a new series of Miss Smashing on TV. It’s the kind of contest that’s compered by a two-faced man and the dozy audience are prodded with commands like “Clap, you proles!”

Debbie is horrified that feminism hasn’t yet reached the realm, but wonders whether the show is behind a spate of disappearances. Turncoat Negatus, meanwhile, is deflected from his mission by an enormous bribe.

Mathew Baynton and Jim Howick raise the biggest laughs a pair of inept bouncers.


Negatus is getting closer to discovering the fate of people of Yonderland, but his loyalty to Debbie and the Elders is becoming blurred as Cuddly Dick draws him closer into his inner circle. Meanwhile, a reality TV competition to find Yonderland's Miss Smashing is keeping the locals glued to their screens and distracting them from what is happening, but Debbie finds out that the contestants who have been voted off the show are disappearing.
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