Walliams & Friend

Walliams & Friend

Series 1 - Episode 1



Though David Walliams is probably best known as a wildly successful children’s author and the judge on a family-friendly talent show, make sure the little ones are in bed before you switch on Walliams & Friend – this is definitely not for them.

After a pilot episode last Christmas where Joanna Lumley was the “friend” of the title, this new series features a new guest every week. It starts with Jack Whitehall, who’s a gifted comic actor given to looking as if he’s going to corpse at any moment.

Though the individual sketches go on too long, there’s some patchily funny, if deliciously filthy and highly inappropriate comedy business with Whitehall as Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock – and Walliams as a guilty-looking Dr Watson.

Elsewhere the Chuckle Brothers, The Bill’s DCI Burnside (Christopher Ellison) and Bob Carolgees pop up in a spoof of Big Brother – Celebrity Slammer.


Sketch show in which David Walliams is joined by a different guest to create a new double act, beginning with comedian and actor Jack Whitehall. Featuring the duo's inappropriate take on Holmes and Watson, the world's worst dating show contestant, and the launch of Britain's cruellest reality TV show Celebrity Slammer' in which David finds himself locked up with the Chuckle Brothers.

Cast & Crew

Host David Walliams
Guest Jack Whitehall
Director Matt Lipsey
Producer Sarah Fraser
Writer David Walliams
Writer The Dawson Bros
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Comedy Arts