People's History of Pop

1986-1996 All Together Now

Series 1 - Episode 4 1986-1996 All Together Now



If you can remember raving in the 80s, you weren’t there. Handily Chelsea Louise Berlin has kept the flyers for every rave she attended as aides-mémoire. It’s an eye-popping collection.

Pop-culture curios abound as the Antiques Roadshow for music fans concludes with the 80s and 90s. Unlike AR, the value placed on fans’ treasured mementos here is not monetary but sentimental, reviving memories of the transformative effect of music in their youth (though a rare Oasis demo tape is given a supersonic price tag).

While some of those memories are of necking ecstasy in a field off the M1, this is cosy muso nostalgia; at times presenter and 90s girl Lauren Laverne gets misty-eyed herself. Expect talk of raves, Britpop and Take That, plus a sweet splicing of Spice Girls’ Wannabe with home movies of girls mimicking their idols.


Lauren Laverne celebrates music from 1986-1996 that had the power to unite fans like never before, which started with a move away from the mainstream towards alternative music scenes. The episode looks back at the influential acid house wave that hit in 1988, the burgeoning UK hip-hop scene, and finally turns to the massive pop bands that exploded on the music scene, such as Take That and Spice Girls.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lauren Laverne
Director Zoe Jewell
Executive Producer Steve Condie
Series Producer Zoe Jewell