Sold! Inside the World's Biggest Auction House

Sold! Inside the World's Biggest Auction House

Series 1 - Episode 2



This is such fun, and fascinating, too. You might think that art buyers are reticent types, and though that’s largely the case in Britain and America, in burgeoning Asia everyone is delighted to talk about money.

There’s an electronics billionaire who happily gives the camera access to a handful of his many homes, including one where he has a Warhol in a walk-in wardrobe.

And though times might be tight for the art market, there’s still a lot of excitement at a Christie’s sale in Hong Kong over a huge urn used for years as an umbrella stand that’s Ming dynasty and worth a mint. “All you need to do is not drop it,” says the Christie’s expert, wryly.


The second of a two-part documentary going behind the scenes at Christie's, where Global President Jussi Pylkkanen and his team continue with their big push into Asia. As the company prepares for its sale to celebrate its 250th anniversary, an umbrella stand turns out to be worth millions and a Rubens appears that has not been seen in public for 150 years.

Cast & Crew

Director Michael Waldman
Executive Producer Ross Wilson
Executive Producer Liz Hartford
Producer Tom Watkinson
Series Producer Michael Waldman