The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln



“This is crazy,” says time-travelling professor Lucy (Abigail Spencer) as she rivets herself into a voluminous 19th-century skirt, the better to ensure Abraham Lincoln’s assassination happens just as it does in her textbooks. Crazy, but irresistibly fun.

Lincoln was meant to be one of four statesmen slain in 1865, and whoever’s hired shady mercenary Flynn (Goran Visnjic) wants his three pals dead, too. Should Lucy defy orders and save Lincoln? Yes, it would hasten the civil rights movement, but she might alter her present reality even more than last week, when she erased her own sister. Huge paradoxes are, however, nothing this roaringly silly adventure can’t fix with some flirting and an old-time punch-up.


Lucy joins Wyatt and Rufus travel back to 14 April, 1865, where they must resist the temptation to change history and prevent Flynn from averting Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

Cast & Crew

Lucy Preston Abigail Spencer
Wyatt Logan Matt Lanter
Rufus Carlin Malcolm Barrett
Garcia Flynn Goran Visnjic