The Supervet

Series 7 - Episode 2



At Noel Fitzpatrick’s veterinary practice, stomach-churning, gory surgery happens every day. Yet the sight of leeches greedily attached to a kitten’s paw – a very traditional technique when there’s a blood supply problem – freaks most of the staff out. “Disgusting!” winces one.

Also brought in is puppy Rex. He has had a seriously deformed elbow since birth. And the aptly named Piggy, a staffy labrador cross that has never wagged its tail, is suspected of having spinal problems.

For one animal it’s the worst news. In horribly emotional scenes, the owners must make the hardest decision of all. Be aware that we see their pet being put to sleep.


A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy called Rex receives treatment for a badly deformed elbow, and the team carry out a complicated procedure to realign the bones. Meanwhile, a cross-breed called Piggy with spinal problems leaves its family facing a difficult decision, and Noel devises an unorthodox cure for a stray cat with a badly fractured leg.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer Sophie Waldron