Prison, My Parents & Me

Prison, My Parents & Me


Seven-year-old Ruby is an old hand at being searched by staff when she visits her dad in prison, standing with her arms out, ready to be patted down. She knows she’s not allowed to take in her teddy – it could be used to hide contraband.

Ruby is a remarkably cheerful, articulate little girl who happily shows what happened when she saw her dad being arrested. “One day I heard a big bang on the door… [the police] pinned my dad down on the floor like this.” And she demonstrates immaculately, lying flat on her front, her arms behind her back, miming handcuffs.

This touching film follows a handful of children with a parent in prison and who are supported by a Children in Need charity. They include young Alex, who is helped by charity volunteers to write a very difficult letter to her father.


More than 10,000 youngsters visit a parent in prison every week, many of who are often bullied and left feeling isolated and ostracised. In a documentary made for Children in Need, cameras follow a few of these young people who reveal what it's really like to lose a parent to the criminal justice system.

Cast & Crew

Director Catey Sexton
Executive Producer Brian Woods
Producer Catey Sexton